Annerstedt® gives you a wide range of great products for everyday cooking. The range includes different meats and an assortment of quality sorting's. Our beef comes primarily from steer, heifer and heifferettes raised on grass pasture. The age varies between 24-36 months and we sort our beef meat by weight / fat cover and marbling.
Our Lamb meat comes from free range grass grazing beef lamb with an age of 4-6 months.
We work with suppliers from South America, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe whom all full fill our elementary standards for quality, rearing and monitoring.

In our Annerstedt range we offer you the choice between fresh or frozen meat, as well as minced, marinated and pre-cooked products. 

Good quality at a good price.

Meat quality

Control, care and quality

Our contracted manufacturers and suppliers undergo thorough quality checks which controls everything from farming, transport to the finished product, we what suppliers that value and treat both nature and animals in the best possible way.
Our suppliers do not use antibiotics or hormone to stimulate growth. Neither do they use GMO feed or contributed to the deforestation of the rainforest. Full transparency and traceability exists, on our labels you can scan the QR cod and meet the farmer behind your selected product.

We use sea transport for minimal environmental impact.

Meat quality
The foundation of a truly delicious meal is always the quality of ingredients. When it comes to the quality of meat, there are many factors at play, such as breed, feeding and handling of animals, but that's not all! Even the very best the meat can be ruined by mishandling after slaughter. It is extremely important to have correct cooling, the right pH, a skilled butcher and adequate maturation.

The fat is of great importance for eating quality of the meat, both for the meats flavour and juiciness. Interspersed fat and nice marbling gives the meat a deeper flavour and a juicier texture.

pH value
pH is one of the most important measurable quality parameters of eating quality of beef. pH below 5.7 ensures a finer meat texture and lower shrinkage. pH is not only a measure of eating quality, but also a measure of how the animals are handled. Animals exposed to stress will have a higher pH value, which in turn affects the eating quality and shelf life negatively.


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